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Crow's Scrapbook was started as a way for me to learn to be a webcomic artist. It's a place for me to experiment and improve my art while attempting to entertain others as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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Crow's Scrapbook
Crow's Scrapbook was started as a way for me to learn to be a webcomic artist. It's a place for me to experiment and improve my art while attempting to entertain others as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Under Construction

Hey Look! It's been nearly a year since I posted a new comic! Am I a slacker or what? Seriously though, this past year (or five) have been hell, and I've been busy coping with life, the universe and everything. I've got two new comics that have been penciled and I'm working on a few more. I want to get enough done up front so I can start posting on a regular schedule - I just need the backlog to get started so I can work on new comics with a little breathing room. I've also started writing an actual novel and am putting together some drawings for merchandise that I can pimp out. Keep your fingers crossed.

Annual Illness

I've been laid low by Acute Bronchitis and Acute Uri Nos (Upper respiratory infection) and have spent the majority of this last week sleeping. Ergo, no comics have been drawn. I'm hoping this weekend will change that, depending on how I'm feeling. In the mean time, I have discovered this interesting thing called Art Trading Cards, that have apparently been around since 1997. I bought a pack of the blank Bristol cards and am thinking of making a few over the next few months to take with me to Phoenix Comic Con. If you see me there maybe we can trade if you're into that too! I'll post the ones I make on a page here once they're done. Thanks again for stopping by and have a great weekend!

I hate being sick

I've been down sick the past few days, sorry for the delay in the new comic. Plan to have it up by tonight.

While we're at it, if you guys can give me a little feedback, that would be mucho appreciated! I need to know whether you prefer the full colored comics or the more black and white ones. A few ratings would help me figure out which ones you like best, too! Thanks everyone!

Pick a card, any card

I love Tarot cards. I got my first deck when I was 11 and now I have somewhere around 16 or 17 of them (I lost track). All the different art styles and symbolism in card format have always spoken to me. I have tons of regular playing card decks in different styles too. Someday I'd love to design my own deck (this comic is not what I have in mind).

Up and Coming

I've got a new comic almost completely sketched out and the next couple planned, so expect to see some updates by the end of this week.
In other news: Since I'm on the staff of the Phoenix Comicon I feel obligated to point out that this year we have a great Con planned out for you and you should plan to stop by the weekend of May 27th through the 30th! I'll be there of course, running around the Film Festival, but for you webcomics fans out there: make sure you stop by to say hi to Randy Milholland of Something Positive and Spike of Templar AZ!
Check out the website for more info on guests!

Ta Da!

Finally got the scanner up and working so I was able to upload a new comic. I have another one inked and ready for text and color. But it's almost 3am and I have to work in the morning... *yawn*!

No really, there's progress

Okay, so I found the scanner my boyfriend stored in the garage (or rather, made him find it) and hooked it up. I'm having a little problem getting it to work right though. In the meantime, I've got 1 sketch done and ready to be inked, 1 started and 2 more scripted out. If all goes well, there should be new strips up by this weekend! Yay!

Also, watched the Wonder Woman animated movie this week. Not bad. Though I have a hard time consolidating THIS Hades with the vision in my head of Disney's Hercules Hades. James Woods rocked too hard.


So once again, The New Year rolls in like it's made of candy and wine and looks me up and down and says: "I see YOU haven't changed a bit". I hate that guy.
My New Years Resolutions:

1)Quit Smoking
2)Start Exercising
3) Focus on turning writing and art into a business so I can finally make headway towards being my own boss.

That last one is a doozy, but the one I'm most interested in pursuing. My boyfriend is rationing out my cigarettes, I'm trying to actually take the stairs and walk the dog once in a while, maybe dance around in the morning for a little bit, but mostly... mostly I'm focusing on my art and writing.
Step number 1: revamp the existing website for my comic. (side note: I was originally on Comic Genesis but I had too many problems with the site so I just came to smack jeeves instead)
step number 2: focus on creating strips and things to sell in the store
Step number 3: develop and create additional projects that have been lurking in the back of my head.

All the existing strips have been officially loaded onto smack jeeves at this point, now I just need to finish filling out the site, hook up my scanner again and start uploading new strips. Yay! Progress!

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